Pledge for Liberty

Calling on Liberty Lovers worldwide to Give for Liberty!

In 13th Century England the Monarchy represented the State, only the powerful had any rights.

In 1215, at a turning point of History, King John was forced to sign the Magna Carta document.

This was the first time that the people were recognised as having rights!;

Now, however, the State is stealing more and more power from ordinary people.

  • It passes new laws to curb our freedoms.
  • It uses modern technology to interfere in our lives.
  • It decided to go to war in Iraq.
  • It refused to hold a referendum on the EU Treaty.
  • It has stopped listening to, let alone carrying out the wishes of, the people.
  • As time passes it becomes ever more out-of-touch and repressive.
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Say NO to a Big Brother State!
Everything given will go towards promoting a Liberty Party in the UK.PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN TO HELP MAKE LIBERTY AN ISSUE AT FUTURE ELECTIONS

Donate today to ensure your liberty tomorrow!

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We can accept individual donations up to a maximum of £200 ($390).
This appeal has been organised by the National Liberal Party